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I Love NYC Street Fairs, 2014 edition

Whether, like me, you love street fairs or, like some New Yorkers, you hate them, this is the only map I know of that collects all of Manhattan’s street events into one place so you can find (or avoid) them.

This year’s NYC Street Fair map looks quite a bit different from previous years:


Google’s newly-launched  Maps Engine was intended to make creating your own map–like my annual NYC street fair map–simpler and more powerful. But in practice, it meant essentially re-doing my map from scratch (almost) to produce something that, in the end, would be more cluttered and confusing for the user.

So I took this as a sign that it was time for me to do something I’d intended to do for a couple of years: build my own database and mapping system. I studied up on Leaflet and the latest version of DHTMLX and dove in. You see the result above.

The map opens pre-filtered to the coming week. You can see all the events for the year by clicking the [Clear Filters] button, and you can filter and sort to your heart’s content using the header, where column widths can also be adjusted. Click on a table row to see a popup indicating that event on the map. Additional notes and a list of street fair organizers and production companies are hidden behind the map itself. You can reveal them by clicking the arrow button at the top right.

Please email any corrections to me at

Principal data sources for this map are:

Other sources are indicated in the notes column.


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