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Gay Games a-comin’

From my Sirius OutQ @ Gay Games Blog:

My sources tell me things are crazy at the Gay Games offices in Chicago as the clock ticks down to the spectacular Opening Ceremonies on Saturday night. Things are nearly as crazy here at Sirius OutQ, as we make our final preparations to cover the Games. Our plans are very ambitious: The first-ever live national broadcasts of the Gay Games opening and closing ceremonies. Four reporters providing a dozen daily updates that will air at the bottom of each hour starting on Monday. All that, plus a couple of daily stories for our signature top-of-the-hour newscasts. Oh, and did I mention this blog plus updated online photo galleries? We’re going to be busy little beavers.
Although the logistical complexities of building a sizable newsroom overnight where none existed before are driving me a little crazy, I’m wild with excitement to be covering the Gay Games as they’ve never been covered before! I went to the first Games (then the “Gay Olympics”) in San Francisco in 1982, and I remember dreaming of the day that this quadrennial event would receive live broadcast coverage. Well that all begins… on Saturday.

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