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CAMERA CRANES TO REVEAL Bill Standing in the NASM Milestones of Flight gallery

BILL: The dream of flight.   It’s as ancient as the caveman, gaping in jealousy at the birds.   But only in the twentieth century has that dream been fully realized.Host Bill Patrick
    I’m Bill Patrick, and I’m standing in America’s monument to the love of flying: the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D-C.  It’s all here, from the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk Flyer, to the Space Shuttle, and beyond.  That makes this the perfect place for a tour of twentieth-century aviation, and a brief taste of Speedvision’s exciting line-up of aviation programming. In the next half-hour, we’ll give you both.
    Speedvision takes you flying: light planes, military, aviation history, space flight, air shows and fly-ins – we cover it all. If there’s an airplane involved, Speedvision will be there – and the same goes for cars, boats, and motorcycles, too.  For the first time, air buffs will have a place to call home – a place they can get in touch with aviation’s past, present and future.

CHANGE ANGLE to isolate Bill and Wright 1903 Flyer

The Wright Brothers first put this flimsy canvas and wood Flyer in the air above the dunes at Kitty Hawk in 1903.  And almost as soon as they could fly a few miles, men were pitting their planes against each other and flying aerobatic stunts.
    Today, aerobatic jets fly at ear-splitting, eye-blurring speeds. But one thing that hasn’t changed about air shows over the years is the huge and enthusiastic crowds they draw.
    And starting now, you’ll be able to attend these air shows and competitions without having to travel to Paris or Dubai – Speedvision will bring them right to you.
    Our event coverage will be brought to you by some pretty well-known names in the field of air and space, including aerobatics champion Patty Wagstaff, and Apollo Twelve Commander Pete Conrad.

Bill with astronaut Pete ConradPULL BACK, Pete Conrad steps into shot, shakes hands with Bill

Nobody knows more about Speedvision’s Air Show coverage than Pete, so we’ve asked him by to tell you about it. Welcome, Pete.
    PETE: Thanks, Bill. Glad to be here.

CUT TO: Pete Conrad Single

For the aviation enthusiast, attending an air show is a little like going to heaven.   It’s all there: the planes, the pilots… and best of all, thousands of other air buffs who share your passion.
    Now, for the first time, you’ll be able to visit the world’s most thrilling and important air shows – and never have to leave your home – right here on Speedvision.

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