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Watching the Pink Flamingoes

From my Sirius OutQ @ Gay Games Blog:

Pink Flamingoes I’ve been at the Sirius studios in the Chicago Hilton for a lot of the week, making sure that all of our correspondents’ reports get on the air. Haven’t had as much of a chance to get out to Gay Games events as I would have liked. But finally, as we’ve gotten caught up on our production, I was able last night to see the famed Pink Flamingoes event at the Flames Natatorium (i.e. competitive diving pool) at the Univ of Illinois Chicago campus.

This event happens at each Gay Games, and I understand, at national gay swim meets as well. It’s a chance for everybody to cut loose; teams dress up in drag or outlandish costumes and act out skits in the pool and on its apron. I was there reporting a story, so there was a lot of running around in the humid 95 degree climate inside the pool building. But the show and the espirit d’corps was a lot of fun. My personal favorite involved an aquatic re-enactment of “Brokeback Mountain,” complete with members of the D.C. Aquatics Club dressed as the sheep. A riot.
I also ran into a guy I grew up with back in Berkeley, California. I’ve known him since we were both four, and haven’t seen him in nearly ten years. It’s truly amazing how the Games bring people together.

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